Judi Nield

Marketing Director

Wife. Mom. Friend. Marketing Guru. Giver of Smiles.

About Judi Nield

Wife. Mother. Friend. Marketing Guru. Networking Princess. Giver of endless smiles & all around cool gal!

I excel in the art of delivering focus-driven results through mindset and actions to instill that all things are in fact possible.

PERSONAL QUOTES: "I live life from day to day and clearly adopt the "smile a day, goes a long way" attitude" and "I live life because life is worth living, and I love, because it's the only way to live."
I am happily married and have two sons: Austin & Carter. Read my blog.


An ancient legend says a pot of gold exists at the end of every rainbow. Some believe there is truth to the legend and some need proof. The fact that a pot of gold may or may not exist is not the point; reaching the end is. A rainbow is a beautiful thing, held in admiration of all who see it. When we find those rainbows, we find ourselves working extra hard, going the distance and doing what it takes to get to the end.

In my life, I have found many rainbows worth chasing after. These rainbows are the passions and products of all that I aim to achieve. One by one and step by step, I am able to follow each and every rainbow in the hopes of reaching true success. Whether it is with my family, my career, my education, or my future dreams, I know my rainbows will help guide me to where I'd like to be.

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